Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Bibbiena, Italy.
We are leaders in innovation on crop nutrition and crop protection based on natural molecular complexes. We develop, produce and distribute through our partners in the world effective and
safe products for healty plants, environment and people.

It’s all part of our committement to create value around the world and do it in a sustainable way.
Intertec has founded since 2010 Ethesia®, international genomics research platform, dedicated to cooperation with many companies and research center around the world to study, create and introduce on the market innovative materials for enhance crop’s potential.

At Intertec our focus is on building the strongest portfolio of crop nutrition solutions to improve agricultural productivity.

Continually improving health, safety and environmental performances, listen and respond to concern, improve people’s lives and the environment with high quality agricultural and horticultural products and science-based solutions.
Develop innovative scientific solutions for our customers, first on the form of quality products but also in the form of expertise, information, technology and advanced science.

Giovanni Cordovani,
Founder and CEO